July Soundcloud Round-up

Well surprisingly July was a pretty good month for new music. Here are a few of my favorites from Soundcloud over the last month. A few have downloads so download away!


SXSW Review: And you thought “Bipp” was catchy… SOPHIE is going to change the electronic landscape in 2014

“I can make you feel better, 

if you let me. 

I can make you feel better, 

if you want to. 

I can make you feel better, 

and you know you will.”

There really isn’t that much to SOPHIE’s infectious first single “Bipp” that he released last year. It takes a simple hook that repeats through most of the song; the music is very spacious which puts a focus on the space in-between the melody and the bass; all in all it’s not much more than a very experimental pop song.

And yet it’s something entirely new. It is rare for a new artist to truly shock me. Usually it takes a few releases before I realize that an artist is doing something really great, maybe after a few singles, or EPs or album releases. SOPHIE did this with only a single single released. Continue reading