July Soundcloud Round-up

Well surprisingly July was a pretty good month for new music. Here are a few of my favorites from Soundcloud over the last month. A few have downloads so download away!


Album Recommendation: Leon Vynehall – “Music for the Uninvited”

Last night I had a lot of time to kill (hence the higher-than-one-a-week post rate) so I decided to browse through some of Resident Advisor’s recent recommendations and do some catching up. At the top of the list was a recent release from producer Leon Vynehall titled Music for the Uninvited, and it is one of the best albums i’ve heard so far this year.

Since I’ve never heard of him, or this album before 3:30 this morning, I figure that there a lot of people who haven’t heard of him either. So this is me spreading the word about this release, which you should listen to right away. His downtempo-style house is just fantastic, whether you’re out on the dancefloor, or just looking for some background music. The songs feel spacious, not too tight, which gives all of the synths and loops room to breathe and be heard. I’ve posted the whole thing below. It’s worth a listen, especially with some good headphones or speakers.

Mix: Four Tet – Boiler Room x Ray-Ban SXSW 2014

A few days late getting this up, but if you haven’t heard it, it’s a fantastic mix. Four Tet plays a few unreleased tracks that are going to be coming out on his TEXT label later this year. I was sad that I didn’t make it to this show at SXSW, but the set is a great listen regardless. Check it out.

Remix: I Break Horses – “Faith (The Field Remix)”

A new sprawling, 11-minute remix from The Field. Here, Axel Wilner remixes fellow Swedes, I Break Horses. Keeping only traces of the original in tact, the remix feels like a b-side from his latest album Cupid’s Head (which I highly recommend). Listen below.

SXSW Review: Jessy Lanza brings “Strange Emotion” to Austin

As someone who has been listening to electronic music almost exclusively for the last 2 years, there are a number of things that I’ve noticed. One is that many electronic acts hate coming to Texas (or at least any of the acts that I like and would love to see live), so one of the great things about SXSW is it brings people from all over the world into one place, making it a Mecca for acts to come and show themselves off. For me, SXSW has never really been about networking or partying or getting free stuff, but it is an opportunity to see acts that I would normally never get to see without having to travel across the country.

ImageShit quality photo from the RA showcase
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Burial – “Rival Dealer” // A discussion on the divisiveness of the EP, and the social issues that it presents

It seems that every time Burial releases a new song, it is either hailed as the greatest release of his career so far, or the worst track he has ever made. Such divisiveness is a rare occurrence within music fandoms, where opinions usually meet at the median, but Burial is different. From his first release he was a voice in establishing a new movement in garage music and in dubstep, and by the time Untrue released in 2008, he solidified himself as one of the most important innovators of the 21st century. The sounds that he creates have been mimicked, dispersed, deconstructed, and reinvented since he first made waves in 2006, but even still it is incredibly easy to differentiate a Burial track from any of his imitators.

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